Controversy over mobile phones, retribution versus rehabilitation and “the black heart of British Justice”

prison phone


Hot off the press

There has been a crackdown on the use of mobile phones behind bars this week. Phone companies will be required to block unauthorised handsets under a new law. The Guardian reports.

Debated this week

Rehabilitation versus retribution has been a hot topic for debate this week. Ched Evans made a public apology, but is it enough? The Guardian reports that Oldham athletics have dropped their decision to sign the player.


ched Evans


Steven Howard argues in The Sun that Evans should be offered the chance of rehabilitation and should be allowed back on the pitch.

For some, Evans apology was not enough. Henry Winter writes in The Daily Telegraph that Evans should only be allowed to return to the sport when “he has shown proper contrition.”

Something to shout about

Suspected terrorists can only be held for 14 days without charge, yet asylum-seekers and migrants can be held indefinitely. Jonathan Owen wrote about the growing campaign to end indefinite detention in The Independent on Wednesday.

In other news

More than 40 years after he spent Christmas behind bars, self-proclaimed “winging scouser” Ricky Tomlinson, fights government secrecy to clear the names of his fellow picketers. The Guardian reports.

Look out for the next fortnightly Friday round-up of British prisons in the press.


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  1. […] last November that communications between prisoners and 32 MPs had been monitored by prison staff (see Prisons in the Press 9th January). The inquiry found that although monitoring of communications did take place, there there was no […]


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