Six weeks in UK detention centre cause life-long health problems

Russian woman describes life inside a detention centre where she was held on remand

Source: Flickr

Source: Flickr

A Russian woman, who alleged she was wrongfully arrested by British police, said she experienced physical and mental health problems after spending six weeks in a detention centre in London.

The woman, who only gave her first name as Alexandra, spent six weeks in a detention centre after police suspected her of attempting to register a fake marriage with a Lithuanian citizen in the UK, a Russian-language newspaper, Angliyareported last week.

Alexandra was arrested at her wedding ceremony in December. Even though police were not able to get enough evidence to charge her, she spent six weeks behind bars.

Describing her experience in the detention centre, Alexandra said that suicide attempts took place there every 10 days and that there were up to six attempts to escape every night.

“There were a lot of people from Africa, and when all of them got ill due to some virus, I got a fever, but no one bothered to give us any medicine. And of course no one even thought of doing an Ebola test”

Alexandra added that when her neighbour asked a prison officer to give her an ointment to heal herpes, she did not get the medicine until over two weeks later. She also said that detainees were banned from opening windows to air the rooms they were kept in.

“They gave us food fool of simple carbohydrates such as chips, white rice and powder soups. I got bulimia after that”

Alexandra believes her detention was illegal because the register office in Southampton gave approval for their marriage to be held in Britain despite the fact that she came to the UK with a visitor’s visa.

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