Prisons in the press – 15 February

Sex, voting and the secret side of prisons in this week’s round up. All the need-to-know articles to keep you up to date on prisons in the press.

Source: Flickr, Ell Brown

Hot off the press

Security giant G4S, has been blasted for “running prisons on the cheap” in light of soaring levels of bullying and violence. Six inmates have taken their lives in the past four years amidst escalating incidents of self-harm at Merseyside’s privately run prison. The Liverpool Echo reports.

Nottingham prison has been described as “dirty” and “dangerous” in a report released last week following a surprise inspection. The prison has been strongly criticised for poor conditions and high levels of violence. The Nottingham Post has more.

Investigated this week

Children who spend time in prison are more likely to commit sexual offences in adulthood, an independent report by the Howard League has found. The report, released last Tuesday, showed that children in prison struggle to develop a healthy sexual identity.

Something to shout about

Denying votes to British prisoners was described by the European courts last week as a breach of human rights. But despite the ruling no compensation has been awarded. The Independent reports.

In light of the ruling the Guardian’s Carmen Fishwick spoke to former inmates to find out what it’s like to be denied the vote.

In other news…

What do UK prisons have to hide? Amelia Gentlemen of the Guardian questions why UK prisons are so reluctant to let journalists inside…

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