Prisons in the press – 22 February

Legal highs, super jails and children’s prisons have been hitting the headlines this week.

Children at Crumpsall workhouse. Source: Flickr, archivesplus


Prisons in the press brings you the best articles to keep you up-to-date on prison news.

Hot off the press

Drug testing at Bristol prison has continually failed to detect “Spice” – a synthetic cannabis. Inmates have been admitted to hospital seven times over the last year as a result of the legal high. The Guardian has more.


Debated this week

Super Jails have been up for scrutiny this week.

Chief inspector, Nick Hardwick, announced on Wednesday that conditions at Britain’s largest prison, Oakwood, had “turned a corner”. But that “unacceptable risks” associated with super-jails must be reviewed before an even larger prison opens in Wrexham. The Daily Post investigates.

In response to Hardwick’s review of Oakwood, Frances Crook of the Howard League caused a stir on the Today programme, slating the privatisation of the prison system.


Something to shout about

“We closed work houses, let’s get rid of child prisons”. In a powerful interview for the Guardian, children’s rights campaigner, Carolyn Willow calls for the closure of child prisons.


 In other news…

British prisons may be about to witness their first same-sex marriage. Marc Goodwin, who killed a man in a “gay bashing” incident, and Mikhail Gallatinov, who was labelled as a “predatory paedophile,” have applied to marry. Both are currently serving life sentences for murder at Full Sutton in Yorkshire.


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