Prisons in the press – 8 March

‘Prisons in crisis’ with three in four men’s prisons overcrowded.

Leeds Prison: The UK’s most overcrowded. Source: Flickr, Lubi-Jim


Prisons in the press brings you the best articles from the past week to keep you up-to-date on prison news.


Hot of the press 

Britain’s prisons are reaching an overcrowding crisis, a report published this week by the Howard League reveals.

Leeds has been identified as the most overcrowded prison in England and Wales. Originally designed for 669 prisoners, the prison was holding 1,218 at the end of January. The Bradford Telegraph reports.

Smoking has also been on the agenda this week. A prisoner won a landmark ruling that the 2006 ban on smoking in public places should be extended to prisons. The Daily Telegraph has more.


Revealed this week…

Over the past four years, 65 young people have died in detention . The research, by the campaigning group Inquest, has prompted calls for a fundamental rethink about the suitability of prison for children and young adults. The Independent reports.


Something to shout about

In light of further Savile revelations and the jailing of Gary Glitter this week, Peter Stanford argues it is our duty to rehabilitate sex offenders. The Observer has the story.


In other news…

The Prison Watch team have clearly been setting the agenda! Following our post on the path to privatisation, The Leicester Mercury argues that prisons should be about rehabilitation not profiteering. You heard it here first…


Keep an eye out for more agenda-setting posts from the Prison Watch team.

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