PODCAST: Sex in prisons

Sex in prison? It happens. Here’s what experts have to say about it.

After the Howard League’s Sex in prison conference last tuesday we caught up with some of the panel members, the experts and the researchers behind the commission to find out a bit more about what it’s like to have sex in prison. 

Lorraine Atkinson, Senior Policy Officer at the Howard League for Penal Reform, organised the commission and speaks to Prison Watch UK about some of the report’s key findings and some of the obstacles the team encountered during the research.

“A hidden form of abuse in a hidden world” Lovisa Stannow

Lovisa Stannow, the executive director of Just Detention International on who is most vunerable to sexual abuse in prison, and what the UK can learn from the US in tackling the problem.

“We’re talking about a hidden form of abuse in a hidden world. The time has come to start a deep and broad conversation about sex in prison in the UK and start seeking solutions”

“There’s quite a lot of masterbation going on in prison” Dr Alisa Stevens

Dr Alisa Stevens, Lecturer in Criminology, Southampton University and author of the Commission’s fifth and final report talks to us about the difficulties of reasearching such a sensitive topic and why the commision ending up speaking to ex-offenders.

“There are very few yound people who need to be in prison” Louise Bowers

Louise Bowers, Registered Forensic & Chartered Psychologist and Director at the Forensic Psychologist Service, contributed to the commmision as a witness. She speaks to us about the barriers to healthy sexual development young people face when serving long sentences in custody.

“There are very few young people who need to be in prison. I’d like there to be more community alternatives”

For more details on the key findings by the commission see our post: Everything you always wanted to know about sex in prisons, but were afraid to ask.

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