Prisons in the press – 22 May

Michael Gove unlikely liberal hero?  The debate this week


Image of Rainsbrook Prison from Google Earth

Failing standards at Rainsbrook prison have hit the headlines this week. Michael Gove, new Justice Secretary, certainly has some unpopular decisions to make – will he be the man to make them? The Juries out. Prisons in the press brings you the best articles from the past week to keep you up-to-date on prison news.


Hot off the press

A damning Ofsted report has slammed a failing G4S youth prison. Children at Rainsbrook young offenders jail are said to suffer “degrading treatment” and “racist comments” from staff. The Independent has the story.

Amnesty international held a conference this week to discuss women in prison. How to stop women offending and what alternatives there are to prison. The Prison Watch UK team were there, read all about it here.

What will the Transatlantic Trade and investment partnership mean for prisons? Prison staff voice concerns in the Morning Star.



Debated this week

Michael Gove has been keeping a low profile since his appointment last week but addressed his civil servants on Wednesday. The Spectator has a full run down of his opening address and looks for clues on what we can expect from Mr Gove.

“We’ll seek to make sure that prisons are places of rehabilitation as much as incarceration and the capacity for all human beings to be redeemed and to lead better lives is there at the heart of what we do.”

Denis MacShane writes an evocative appeal to Mr Gove in the Guardian. He asks the new Justice Secretary to take party politics out of prisons and apply his zeal for reform to fix our crumbling prisons.

Andrew Neilson, the Director of Campaigns at the Howard League for Penal Reform, compares Gove to Grayling in an article for Prison Watch UK and asks whether Mr Gove will do a better job of engaging with his critics than his predecessor.


In other news

IPSO called out The Daily Express on their lurid and misleading front page splash ‘Monsters are given their own keys’. The paper was forced to apologise after publishing a grossly inaccurate article claiming prisoners were roaming free around jail. Roy Greedslade picks up the story in the Guardian. 

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