AUDIO: No women in prison?

We interview visitors at the Justice Matters for Women conference

Justice Matters for Women

Justice Matters for Women

After the Justice Matters for Women conference last Wednesday we caught up with an expert, researcher and victim of women’s violence. We asked them a simple question: would taking all women out of prison be good for both women who committed a crime and society? Here are their answers.

“We shouldn’t talk in terms of gender exception”

Olivia Ouwehand, 23, a gender studies student, believes that women should not be considered as less deserving to be in prison than men. She said that prison victimises and marginalises any person and that there should be an alternative for prison in a broader sense.

“Prison without women is a great idea, no prison – best idea.”

“No benefit in putting women in prison”

Madeline Perillo, 39, senior lecturer at University of Portsmouth, said that since most women go to prison for non-violent crimes, prison doesn’t help to rehabilitate them but only marginalises them even further. She believes there should be no women in prison at all.

“I am a victim of women’s violence”

Thomas Carney, 22, film student, said that his former girlfriend had stabbed him in the shoulder. He believes women committing violent crimes should be put in prison.

“It’s true that men are more likely to commit crimes…But my former girlfriend is a violent criminal.”

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