Prisons in the press – 12th June

Overcrowding systematically underestimated and two prisoners make a break for it

Catch me if you can: The film based on Frank Abignale’s elaborate escape, one of the six greats featured by the Telgraph this week

Prisons in the press brings you the best articles from the past week to keep you up-to-date on prison news.

Hot off the press

1) The Ministry of Justice admitted this week that overcrowding has been systematically underestimated for six years in a row. The BBC reports.


Between 1993 and 2014 the prison population in England and Wales increased by more than 40,000­ people, it’s hardly surprising therefore that our prisons are bursting at the seems. For the latests figures on the UK’s prison population, read  Prison Watch UK’s stats unlocked post here.

A statement from the Ministry of Justice apologised for the oversight, saying:

“These incorrect figures have in turn informed public statements from the Ministry of Justice, including statements to Parliament.”



2) Concerns were raised this week that Hulme Prison in Teeside, although well run, could be unsafe for staff and prisoners as a result of cuts. The Gazette has the story.


This comes after figures emerged last week showing that there are now fewer staff looking after more prisoners across the UK. Over the last four years the number of staff employed by the prison service has fallen by 29 per cent. That’s 12,980 fewer staff.



Featured this week

John Podmore makes the case for educating prisoners in the Guardian this week. He argues education, especially with computers is vital to help offenders re-enter the modern world.



In other news…

As two American prisoners pull off an elaborate escape this week, the Telegraph reflects on some of the most audacious and hair-raising prison escapades in history.

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  1. […] recent reports of overcrowding in prisons (see Prison in the Press 12th June) Open prison, Blantyre house will not be reopened this summer. Andrew Selous […]


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