Prisons in the press – 22 June

Overcrowding hits headlines yet again and pyschological thriller makes the big screen

The controversial Stanford prison experiment, called off after just six days. Source: Brandon Burke, Flickr

Prisons in the press brings you the best articles from the past week to keep you up-to-date on prison news.

Hot off the press

Overcrowding has reached a seven year high. The Independent reports.

Lib dem candidate Norman Lamb says the prison population should be halved, he calls for:

“drastic and urgent action to reduce crime, protect victims more effectively, help criminals turn their lives around and protect taxpayers money”

The Huffington post carries the story.


Over a quarter of prisoners, now live in overcrowded cells designed for fewer people than the number they actually contain. This comes after last week’s admission that overcrowding has been underestimated for the last six years in a row. For the latests figures on the UK’s prison population, read Prison Watch UK’s stats unlocked post here.



Revealed this week

Micheal Gove is considering alternatives to the £100 million teenagers’ super prison. Ministry of justice spending cuts mean the “modern day borstal” could be axed. The Guardian has the story.


G4S may lose their contract to Rainsbruck youth prison after a damning Ofsted report revealed racist abuse and staff using illegal drugs. The Independent reports.



In comment this week

Anna Clark of the Guardian calls for prison volunteers to serve prisoners’ cultural as well as spiritual needs. The majority of volunteers are church affiliated but there is a growing demand for intellectual and creative interaction.



In other news

The controversial 1970s Stanford Prison experiment is heading to the big screen this summer. A psychological study which simulates a US prison for just six days to understand how guards and prisoners interact. See the trailer here:


The Guardian features an article by a prison governor this week. Dealing with self-harm and assaults on a regular basis, the author shows the reality of working for the Criminal Justice system whilst prison guard numbers are being slashed and the prison population rises.

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