Prisons in the press- 21st August

Life from the inside online: beats behind bars and a penthouse prison.C

This week... Image:

Prisoners hit the headlines this week after uploading gloating selfies and homemade music videos from inside their cells. Image: Eric Constantineau

Prisons in the press brings you the best articles from the past week to keep you up-to-date on prison news.

Hot off the press

A woman serving an eight-week sentence for shoplifiting has been found dead in her cell. The body of Anna Graven, 41, was discovered last week at Foston Hall prison, Derbyshire. The death raises urgent questions about the imprisonment of women for non-violent crimes. The Guardian has the full story.    

In context

This latest death comes just weeks after it was announced that a record number of women are imprisoned in the UK for ‘minor’ crimes, we brought you the details in 31st July Prisons in the Press.

Over the past decade a series of inquiries and reports have concluded that prison is rarely a necessary, appropriate or proportionate response to women caught up in the criminal justice system.


In May 2015 we reported from the “Justice matters for women: time for action” conference about the vulnerability of female prisoners and the alternatives to prison. Read the liveblog here.

on re.To read more about the alternatives to prison for women, click here.

Online and behind bars 

  1. Police discover revenge attacks being ordered over Facebook. Former inmates of Low Newton Prison, near Durham, were found to have been contacting serving prisoners via a Facebook group, instructing them to “do in” new inmates. The Mirror has the full story.
  2. Shameless convict boasts of life in prison “penthouse” with two plasma TVs and music system. The Express reports that Abdul Basit whiled away hours in prison ‘smoking cigars and sipping illicit “Devil’s juice”.’ Read the full story here.
  3. Criminals film rap video on a mobile phone inside prison. Demehl Thomas and Moysha Shepherd posted their song, titled ‘Goonlyfe’ on YouTube after filming it behind bars at Birmingham PrisonThe Evening Standard has more 


In comment this week 

student barrister volunteering scheme is winning the debate for rehabilitation. Vocalise volunteer Zehrah Hasan explains to the Guardian how the 12-week debating skills programme gives prisoners the skills and confidence they need to help them through the rehabilitation process. The Guardian has more.


In other news 

Can’t tell your turtles from your hotplate hamsters? The Guardian has this week compiled an indispensable guide to prison slang. Have a read through the ‘criminal’s alphabet’ here 

Name needed for Wrexham ‘super prison’. Schools and community groups have been invited to come up with names for the new-build prison at Wrexham Industrial Estate that will eventually house 2,000 inmates. The BBC has more.

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