Prisons in the press – 28 August

High risk prisoners and hot plate hamsters hit the headlines this week

A hotplate hamster: this week a comprehensive guide to prison slang. Photo source, Hannah Gilbert, Flickr

Prisons in the press brings you the best articles from the past week to keep you up-to-date on prison news.


Hot of the press

The number of high-risk prisoners held in special units has doubled over the last decade. A report out this week showed that the units were well run but living conditions need improving. The Guardian has the story.


In context

  • Close supervision units hold about 60 men eight prisons in England and Wales
  • The units are used to hold prisoners deemed to be the ‘most dangerous’
  • Many of the prisoners have committed violent crimes both outside and inside prison.
  • These prisoners are detained away from other prisoners because of the risk they pose. under prison rule 46
  • The report identified a disproportionate amount of black and minority ethnic Muslim men within the units.



Revealed this week

A suspended prison nurse who let a colleague take penile swabs from him and used offensive language towards inmates has been cleared to return to work. The BBC has the story.



In comment

Locking people up for petty crime simply doesn’t pay. Rob Allen of the Guardian argues for a range of alternatives to prison, including a greater emphasis on community solutions for petty offences.



In other news…

Ever wondered what a hotplate hamster was? Or what on earth an afternoon spent bilking might require? Look no further, the Guardian have produced a handy guide to prison slang.

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