Help us find out what happened to Ghanaian man who died in UK immigration centre

The mysterious case of Prince Ofosu

Credit: Guillermo Ruiz, Flickr

Credit: Guillermo Ruiz, Flickr

An unresolved death

A prince died in a UK immigration centre in October 2012, but not many people paid any attention for he was no royalty. Help us find out what happened.

He was Prince Ofosu, a 31-year-old Ghanaian man seeking a better life. Instead he died in Harmondsworth immigration detention centre, but the reasons for his death remain unknown as there has still not been an inquest.

Fellow detainees claimed that Prince Ofosu – also known as Prince Kwabena Fosu or Prince Fosu – was beaten by guards the night before he died. We would like to hear from people who may know more about exactly what happened.

Harmondsworth is the same centre which 84-year-old Canadian Alois Dvorzak was taken to shortly before he died in handcuffs in 2013, as was widely reported at the conclusion of his inquest last week.

An accusatory statement

Shortly after Prince Ofosu died, a statement about his death was released online by fellow Ghanaians who said they had been detained with him. The authors alleged that Mr Ofosu was beaten by a UK Border Agency (UKBA) officer and left in a room without heating or clothes the night before he died.

The statement claimed that the officer “inflicted massive blows on Prince Ofosu” and “had some blood stains on his uniform, but he was asked to remove the blood stained clothes so that no one would notice what happened.”

It goes on to say:

“Prince Ofosu was stripped naked at the ‘block’ [rule 40] and the heating system was turned off. Prince Ofosu was left in the cold without even a duvet till his death 24 hours after being detained at the block.”

You can read the full original statement and news about Prince Ofosu’s death on the following sites:

Indymedia UK

Right to Remain

Open Democracy

The Institute of Race Relations

Call for fresh information

Prison Watch UK is seeking more information about the death of Prince Ofosu from people who were there at the time.

If you have any information about Prince Ofosu’s death, please get in touch with our team at

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