Prisons in Parliament

Holloway closure: first step in prison reform?

HMP Holloway

Prisons in Parliament brings you up-to-date on the last week of politics and prisons. What’s been said? And by whom? Get it all here. 

HMP Holloway 

HMP Holloway is to close, announced Michael Gove this week. The closure is part of a wider move to reform the prison estate and better facilitate rehabilitation.

“We are embarking on a radical reform of our prisons to rehabilitate offenders, cut crime and enhance public safety.”

Women offenders instead will be held on remand at HMP Bronzefield and new facilities at HMP Downfield which will be opened next year. The prison is expected to close by summer next year. 

Read the full statement here.


Mental health beds in prison

Luciana Berger asked how many mental health in-patient units and beds there have been in English prisons in each year since 2010.

Ben Gummer said there are no assigned mental health beds:

“Whilst healthcare wings within some prisons provide 24 hour health care, beds within these units are not specifically designated for mental health and may be used by prisoners with a range of physical or mental health problems.”


HMP Liverpool

Steve Rotherham asked what steps are being taken to improve conditions at HMP Liverpool.

Andrew Selous said that the staff at HMP Liverpool are working closely with Lancashire Care NHS Trust to improve health care provision and working to getting prisoners out of their cells and into work, training and education.


Trans prison population

Andrew Slaughter asked whether statistics on the number of trans people in prison would be published.

Caroline Dinenage said that the information would be published “in due course”.


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