Prisons in parliament

‘Equality of outcome is what we are looking for in the female prison estate’

HMP Holloway, source, Islington Gazette

HMP Holloway, Source Islington Gazette

Prisons in Parliament keeping you up-to-date on the last week of politics and prisons. What has been said and by whom? Find out here…


Women in prison

What are the plans for the future of the women’s prison estate? Asked Heather Wheeler.

Caroline Dinenage said the announcement to close Holloway signals a shift in the way female offenders will be treated.

“It reflects our commitment to hold women in environments that better meet their specific needs and support their rehabilitation, helping them towards better lives on release.”


Philip Davies said female prisoners should be treated in the same way as a male prisoners and he suggested Ms Dinenage’s intent to reform was instead a scheme “to turn the women’s prison estate into some kind of holiday camp”.

Ms Dinenage defended her desire for gender equality and reform. She said:

“Equality of outcome is what we are looking for in the female prison estate. At present, female prisoners are much more likely to have many complex needs and are far less likely to gain employment once they leave prison. I am seeking to tackle that.

For the stats on women in prison, click here. 



Autonomy for prison governors 

Nigel Huddleston asked Michael Gove what his policy is on the autonomy of prison governors.

Michael Gove did not outline any policies but did say he would like to see more autonomy for governors:

“We need to give governors greater freedoms to innovate to find better ways of rehabilitating offenders.”



Education in prison

What funding is available for illiterate prisoners to learn to read and write while in prison? Asked Emma Lewell-Buck.

Nicholas Bowles, the minister for Universities and Science said the budget for adults in custody in England is £128.9m per year but it is not broken down by subject or type of learning.




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