Prisons in Parliament

‘Incidents at height’ reach sky high levels


One hundred ‘incidents at height’ at Pentonville since 2010

Prisons in Parliament brings you up-to-date on the last week of politics and prisons. What’s been said? And by whom? Get it all here. 

Incidents at height

22 prisons have had over 100 incidents at height since 2010 and three have had over 200, it was revealed this week.

According to Andrew Selous, the majority of incidents at height occur when prisoners go into netting on prison wings.

HMP Hindley recorded the highest number, with 299 incidents since 2010. Followed by HMP Nottingham with 290 and HMP Altcourse with 242.

Andrew Selous said “The vast majority of incidents… are minor in nature and resolved quickly and professionally without injury, damage or disruption to the running of the prison”.

For the full break down of incidents at height per prison, click here.


Work related activities 

Andrew Slaughter asked how long inmates at HMP Wormwood Scrubs spend on education or work related activities.

Andrew Selous couldn’t provide figures for the amount of time spent but said: “There are 556 activity spaces available daily… which involve work or education”.

There are 1251 prisoners at HMP Wormwood scrubs.

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