Prisons in Parliament

Is repatriation on the cards for non-UK nationals in prison?


Non UK prisoners and their place in Brexit.  Source: MPD01605, flickr


Brexit: What does it mean for non-UK prisoners?

Brexit fever has swept Westminster. What does that mean for our prisons and the non-UK nationals in them?  Nigel Dodds, Shadow DUP spokesperson asked which other EU countries the UK has no custodial repatriation arrangements with.

Andrew Selous said “the United Kingdom has prisoner transfer arrangements with all Member States of the European Union. With the exception of the Ireland and Bulgaria, all Member States have implemented the EU Prisoner Transfer Agreement.

The EU Prisoner Transfer Agreement

“The EU aims to facilitate the social rehabilitation of convicted persons by ensuring that they serve their sentence in their home country. To this end, a system was established for transferring convicted prisoners back to their EU country of nationality, habitual residence or another EU country with which they have close ties.”

Poland has also implemented the Framework Decision, but only where the repatriation is
voluntary on the part of the prisoner. This expires in December 2016.

Transfers to Ireland and Bulgaria may take place under the Council of Europe Convention on the Transfer of Sentenced Persons.

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