Prisons in the press – 15 July

Increasing violence, jailbreaks and a Snapchat tour of a prison cell

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Inmate recorded a snapchat tour of his jail cell. Image: Adam Przezdziek

Prisons in the press brings you the best articles from the past week to keep you up-to-date on prison news.

Hot off the press

Gove responds after thousands of prison officers stage walkout. Last Friday’s protest over increasing violence against staff has prompted the Justice Secretary to acknowledge a problem. The Guardian has more.

Of course, this was before Mr Gove was replaced by Liz Truss as Justice Secretary as we reported here.

Revealed this week

  1. Violent prisoner sent back to jail after attacking warder at Exeter Prison. Shane Nicholson hit the officer in the face as he was being transferred from one wing to another despite knowing the assault was being recorded on CCTV. The Exeter Express and Echo has more.
  2. Work on Wrexham super-prison enters final stages in time for 2017 opening. Prison governor Russ Trent says the prison, due to open in February, will not be a place to punish but to rehabilitate them. The Daily Post has the story.
  3. Extreme Islamists in prisons “should be in isolated units”. Head of review into prisons in England and Wales says hardcore jihadis need to be “incapacitated from proselytising”. The Guardian has the story.
  4. Notorious prison’s success as visitor attraction. Home to some of the most notorious criminals in the land but now people are flocking to see inside HM Convict Prison, Peterhead. The Herald Scotland has more.

News from across the pond 

In the US: Shackled inmates in prison break to save unconscious guard. Prison CCTV footage shows eight shackled prisoners breaking through a locked door to come to the aid of their jailer. Watch the video here.

In Mexico: 10 “highly dangerous” gangland inmates escape from Mexican prison after fight. The jailbreak by 10 inmates from a prison in Cancun is just the latest in a flood of escapes plaguing the nation’s under fire prison system. The Mirror has more.

In context

The justice secretary acknowledged the scale of increasing violence inside prisons as MPs this week heard that five to six thousand prison officers protested against a rising tide of violence.

The unofficial action by members of the Prison Officers’ Association followed a 36 per cent increase in assaults on staff – there were 5,500 last year.

Michael Gove answered an urgent Commons question put forward by Andy Slaughter, who accused Gove of having “gone absent” from the prison crisis in recent weeks and warning him that unless he gripped it soon “he is going to lose control fully”.

Gove acknowledged the scale of increasing violence inside prisons across England and Wales and said he was determined to support prison staff.

In other news

Prisoner gives guided Snapchat tour of his jail cell as he boasts about his “lavish” cell and moans he has to make do with a PlayStation 2. Prisoner told his followers that jail is flooded with drugs and weapons. MailOnline has more.


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