Prisons in Parliament

Greater autonomy for prison governors needed says minister

Education to tackle reoffending. Source: Alamosbasement

Prisons in Parliament brings you up-to-date on the last week of politics and prisons. What’s been said? And by whom? Get it all here. 


Education in prison

What steps are being taken to expand education in prisons to reduce reoffending? Asked Mark Pritchard.

It was announced last week that adult education in prison will be transferred from the Department of Education  to the Ministry of Justice , explained Sam Gyimah, Under Secretary of State for Justice. Adding that in future, he would also like to see greater autonomy for prison governors:

“I would like to see governors having more responsibility for delivering education and being held to account for the outcomes prisoners achieve” he said.

Read here about the steps Wandsworth’s governor is taking to address education in prison.


In other news…

Amid concerns of rising violence and increasing drug usage in our prisons, Philip Davies MP asked what the impact of wearing uniforms has been on female prison officer’s self-esteem.

There has been no assessment of the self-esteem of either female or male officers in being required to wear uniform.

One Comment on “Prisons in Parliament”

  1. The ‘other news’ you mention is connected with one part of the justice gender gap. Most men in prison must wear a prison uniform but women in prisons do not have to wear prison uniform. This is in the contaext of a society and legislature that pretends to enforce equality berween the sexes. This disparity of treatment, made purely on the basis of sex, is supposedly because women might suffer self-esteem issues.

    Nobody has thought to wonder if men, also, might suffer from any issues connected with wearing prison uniform. Since women prisoners’ self-esteem might suffer, it could be reasonable to ask if women prison officers’ self-esteem might suffer.

    It might also be reasonable to ask why men are treated so much more harshly in general than women. Philip Davies has done this. Against the prevailing habit in society and government to say that women are treated more harshly by the justice system, Philip Davies MP showed that in every category of crime and for every age group, it is men who are treated more harshly. For blowing the whistle on the lies, he has been insulted and assailed with calls to resign.

    My politics are not his and yet I believe that his openness and honesty in calling for equality under the law are commendable. If you, too, think that the loud voices against equality need to drowned out, please sign this petition:


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