Prisons in parliament

Outcomes for children in custody not good enough admits Truss


Prisoner 101115. Under 25s entrant to the 2015 Koestler exhibition

Reforming youth justice

The Lord Chancellor, Liz Truss gave a statement on youth offending last week, setting out the governments planned reforms to youth justice.

“Youth offending has fallen sharply over the past decade… However, once those children and young people are in custody, the outcomes are not good enough” she said.

There are 900 young people currently in custody. Of those, 69 per cent commit further offences within a year of their release. Truss set out the planned reforms to address reoffending:

  • Strengthen inspection arrangements and create a new mechanism for the inspectorate to trigger intervention
  • Boost the number of frontline staff by 20 per cent and ensure that more staff are specifically trained to reform with young people
  • Each young person will have a dedicated officer to help them reach their personal goals
  • Greater autonomy and responsibility for governors over education
  • Two new secure schools to be developed

No time frame has been specified for the planned reforms.


Self harm in prison

What steps is the government taking to reduce the rate of self harm amongst IPP prisoners? Asked Hywel Williams, MP. 

Reducing self harm in our prisons is a priority said Sam Gyimah, MP, outlining the following measures to address it.

  • 2,500 additional staff across the estate by the end of 2018
  • Specialist mental health training for prison officers
  • A suicide and self-harm reduction project

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