Immigration Detention Dispatch – 21 December 2016

Second death in detention in one week, as three quarters of detained people lack legal aid

Catch up on the fortnight’s immigration detention news and parliamentary debate

Revealed this fortnight

  1. Second death in detention in one week. A 49-year-old man detained at Morton Hall died on December 6, less than one week after the death of Tarek Chowdhury in Colnbrook. His death is currently being investigated. The Guardian has more.
  2. Half of all UK immigration detainees have no legal representation, according to a survey by the charity Bail for Immigration Detainees. Due to legal aid cuts, only one quarter of detained people in immigration centres now have access to legal aid. The Independent has more.

Immigration Detention in Parliament

Human rights dilution?

The UK government has been found in breach of  Article 3 of the Human Rights Act five times for its treatment of immigration detainees, with other cases settled or pending, said Deidre Brock, SNP MP for Edinburgh North and Leith; will it promise not to water down this right in the new Bill of Rights in order to avoid being found out?

The UK has the best record of abiding by human rights of any other county, but the government needs to look critically at the Human Rights Act and how it operates, replied Oliver Heald, Minister of State for the Justice Ministry.

Pregnant in detention

How many pregnant women have been detained and how many of those have been removed from the country since the 2016 Immigration Act came into force, asked Heidi Allen, Conservative MP for South Cambridgeshire.

12 pregnant women were detained between 12th July 2016 (when the Act came into force) and 30th September 2016, of which one was removed from the UK, replied Robert Goodwill, the Immigration Minister.

Adults at risk

Is it the Home Secretary’s plan to end the UK’s Adults at Risk immigration detention policy, asked Labour Edmonton MP Kate Osamor.

The Adults at Risk policy is an important part of the government’s response to the 2016 Shaw Review into the treatment of vulnerable people in detention, and the government intends to ask Stephen Shaw to carry out a progress report in 2017. replied Robert Goodwill.





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