Prisons in Parliament

Foreign National Offenders should be sent home at earliest chance says Justice Minister


Immigration Detention. Koestler exhibition 2015

Prisons in Parliament brings you up-to-date on the last week of politics and prisons. What’s been said? And by whom? Get it all here.

Foreign National Offenders

What progress has the Government made in returning foreign nationals to their own countries after they have completed a prison term? Asked Peter Bone MP.

“Those who break our laws should be removed from the country at the earliest opportunity” said Phillip Lee, Justice Minister. He went on to explain that since 2010, 33,000 foreign national offenders (FNOs) have been removed from prisons, immigration removal centres and the community in England and Wales. Last year 5,810 FNOs were sent back to their home countries.


In context 

At the end of 2016, FNOs made up 12 per cent of the prison population in England and Wales. On 30 June 2016 there were 9,980 FNOs in prison.

At the earliest opportunity? 

The average number of days taken to remove a foreign national offender is currently 121 days, however many people are detained for considerably longer. 100 people are still in detention after a year or more, awaiting deportation.

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